The Divide – Foxlowe Arts Centre 4th November 2015

The Divide showing at the Foxlowe Centre 4th November 2015

The Divide showing at the Foxlowe Centre 4th November 2015

Inspired by the critically acclaimed, best-selling book The Spirit Level.


The Divide documentary film looks at how the rising gap between rich and poor has affected our societies.

The Foxlowe Centre St13 6AD

The Foxlowe Centre ST13 6AD

The Social Documentary season at The Foxlowe Arts Centre are free to attend, but donations are always welcome.

The Foxlowe Cinema

The Foxlowe Cinema

A great chance to see a vital documentary of our times and meet people who share interests in the common good.

The Equality Trust Because more equal societies work better for everyone

The Equality Trust
Because more equal societies work better for everyone

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 & alternative dispute resolution: guidance for businesses


The main parts of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 come into force today, 1 October 2015.

The Consumer Rights Act replaces a number of laws with regard to business-to-consumer transactions, including the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

The following link is to the Business Companion website with links to the Consumer Rights Act 2015

We at StaffsEEN Ltd fully support fairness and equity in trade, goods and services. You are assured of honesty and fairness in all that we do.

Please contact us on 01782821955 to discuss any matters relating to Biomass services, firewood and kindling. We are also interested to get invoved in sustainability and energy efficiency measures at every level of our communities.

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The True Carbon Cost of Biomass

The true Carbon cost of Biomass is often not discussed. The Industry lobby has done a good job telling everyone that Canadian production is more sustainable than domestic UK production. This view does not stand scrutiny when verified via data released by the UK Government.

Under CERT, a factor of 0.0249 kg CO2/kWh was assumed for wood combustion.
The highest of the values estimated for wood chips is 40.4 kg CO2 eq/MWh and for wood pellets a value of 106.1 kg CO2 eq/MWh.
The variance depending on feedstock type, moisture content and transport distances have huge implications on total CO2 values of processing, production and combustion. The source of the wood chips also has a significant influence, with emissions associated with Canadian forest residues (at 40 kg CO2/MWh) being two to three times greater than emissions associated with forest residues or wood processing waste from the UK (at 13 and 17 kg CO2/MWh). This is due to the much larger distances the chips have to be transported, and the same effect, but to a lesser extent, can be seen in the emissions associated with wood chips from the Baltic region. In summary, the impact of transporting forestry residues or wood processing waste to the UK adds about 10 kg CO2/MWh for transport from the Baltic region and just over 20 kg CO2/MWh if transported from Canada.
All figures below refer to kg CO2 per MWh of energy produced for heat and power consumption
Process Type             Harvesting [pre-process]         Bulk             Batch [Diesel]         Batch [Biomass]
UK Forest                                         11                         38                      36                              24
Baltic Forest                                     22                         50                      49                              23
Canadian Forest                              34                         60                      55                              25
Short Rotation Coppice                   17                        100                     90                              52
UK Sawmill by-products                    7                         51                      50                              24
Baltic Sawmill by-products              16                         64                      56                              27
Canadian Sawmill by-products        28                         84                      60                              34


The actual total figure is harvesting plus method of processing. So for example UK Forest = 11 + 24 = 35 and Canadian Forest = 34 + 25 = 59. A massive difference of 24kg of CO2 for every Megawatt of energy produced for heat and power purposes. This shows hauling wood chips over long distances is not in any way environmentally sustainable.
The total Carbon emissions are calculated including all harvesting processes detailed below:
Diesel used in the cultivation, harvesting, transport and drying processes.
Petrol used in the cultivation process.
Electricity and heating oil used in the drying process
The manufacture of steel used in the cultivation process (in manufacture of agricultural equipment and fencing etc.)


Keep it Local to reduce Carbon emissions

Keep it Local to reduce Carbon emissions

We need decentralized processing and production of energy. We atStaffsEEN Ltd. see the importance of long-term sustainable energy at local level in every community. Call us on 01782 821955 if you are interested in getting involved with our Biomass energy projects.

Source data

Oaks for Stoke – a Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

At StaffsEEN we have a vision and passion for delivering sustainable and genuinely Carbon neutral heat and power. We are working on some revolutionary Combined Heat and Power projects offering clean electricity and hot water production from Biomass gasification. We can supply units from as small as 22kWe [Kilowatt electric] and 55kWth [kilowatt thermal, 90˚C hot water] up to 12MWe [Megawatt electric] and 14.4MWth [Megawatt thermal]. The smallest unit will heat and power a large house or small business. The larger 1 MW units can heat and power 1000 homes. These units can work in tandem to offer a full range of supply to meet specific local requirements up to 12,000 homes, businesses or Industrial sites.

We calculate that we need to plant 4 trees for every tonne of CO2 emitted by our production process and the final combustion of the Biomass fuel in operating Combined Heat and Power systems. This has two major benefits.
1. Genuine Carbon capture by the natural process of trees doing their stuff.
2. Guaranteed future supply of sustainable Biomass fuel for future generations.

Biomass gasification is the quickest and cleanest way for us to meet immediate heat and power demands without causing long term environmental damage. We must see how our energy demands fit into our environment. Quick fixes often have long term detrimental effects. Our vision is to mitigate these effects and enhance our world in a sustainable and holistic way.

We need your help to make this vision reality. We need growing spaces to offer the chance to generate fuel stocks and wildlife habitat corridors. Green bridges for wildlife to thrive are a vital element of world survival. A space as small as 5 square meters can make a difference by helping provide a safe haven for wildlife and a Biomass fuel supply here in our communities. We want to utilize every space available, keeping it local but thinking BIG!

Contact us on 01782 821955 if you want to get involved, have ideas for change or need advice on generating genuine sustainable off-grid heat and power.

Biomass – It’s a burning issue…..

StaffsEEN is Now Incorporated at Companies House


Today we have had confirmation of the Limited Company status for the business. Our Company number is 09729446

The link below is to a copy of the Companies House incorporation document.


We are making progress on production equipment and will soon have stocks of Biomass pellets, cat litter pellets and good quality firewood.

Please call us on 01782821955 if you would like to discuss supplies from us.


Virgin StartUp Application

We have spent a couple of busy weeks putting together the business plan and cashflow forecasts for a Virgin StartUp Loan.

This has been a hugely beneficial exercise with the help of Martin Russell Enterprise Coach at Business Enterprise Support Limited. Martin has helped develop the plan and guide us through the application process.

We have met up to work on the plan and spent about 45 hours to prepare a thorough and robust plan.

Confirmation of submission was received this morning. With the first response from the Virgin StartUps panel expected within the next week.

Anyone looking to develop a business plan and make it a reality is encouraged to contact Business Enterprise Support Limited on 0845 6787826 or +44(0)1283 537 151.


Business Enterprise Support | (0)1283 537 151

The Business Enterprise website is linked here BES


Virgin StarUp

Virgin StartUp

Details of the process here Virgin StartUp

Ofgem Biomass Suppliers List Approval

Today we have had confirmation from Ofgem that StaffsEEN Biomass pellets will be listed on the Biomass Suppliers List [BSL]. This is a requirement of any Biomass fuel used in systems claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI].


Ofgem Biomass Suppliers List

Ofgem Biomass Suppliers List

The logo above is authorized for use by manufacturers and suppliers which meet the requirements of sustainability and management  systems for Biomass feedstock and fuel production.


Our listing number is 0509347. We are currently preparing test samples for analysis to comply with ISO 17225-2 which replaces the former EN 14961-2 standards.


We will update this news once the approval has been granted. Our preliminary combustion trials at Keele University have been succesful.


British Gas Energy Efficiency Fund

The British Gas Energy Efficiency Fund is designed to help micro-businesses manage their energy costs in the long-term, by providing free expert advice and energy efficiency measures.

Eligible businesses will receive a free on-site energy survey, as well as fully-funded installations of energy saving measures valued up to £6,000 per business, helping you save money on your energy bill.

Site surveys will be carried out by trained professionals and will identify the right range of measures that can be delivered at your site – this could include new LED lighting, a boiler replacement, new insulation or other methods to control your energy use.

Use the link below for application form and further details. You can also call 08003164318 if you would like to talk to British Gas about the Energy Efficiency Fund.

British Gas Energy Efficiency Fund


Biomass Combustion Trials at Keele University

We are really excited to be working with Dr Sharon George and PHD Masters Students at Keele University. The summer projects are based around biomass combustion analysis. We will soon have some fantacstic photos and test reports from the work undertaken by Scott Barrow at Keele University.

We are working on improving the skills and knowledge of all things biomass. This important work at Keele University will help us understand better how biomass reacts at differing temperatures and how specific feedstocks can be utilized to maximum calorific benefit.

Contact us on 01782821955 if you would like further details of this work or have feedstock in need of testing. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate on improving biomass feedstock and production techniques.

Biochar, Fertilizer and Greenhouse Gas Recovery

Pressvess Biochar Retort

Pressvess Biochar Retort

We are working on a joint collaboration between the University of Birmingham, Keele University and Pressvess, a heavy engineering Company in the Black Country. The project has been set up by Alan Wood of Worcestershire County Council.

This project is focusing on biochar [charcoal] production and optimization. The added value aspects are combustion optimization to maximize the production of biochar together with recovery of the volatile gasses given off during low temperature [350 – 450 deg C] combustion. These gasses can be recirculated to fuel the char production process or be recovered to provide a heat source for space or water heating. A 5 tonne retort can produce 75kW constant heat for upto 6 hours.

This exciting project has scope to reduce Greenhouse Gas emmissions from Agriculture and Horticulture together with valuable heat sources for livestock and food production processes.

The application to Innovate UK [Technology Strategy Board] has been submitted to the AgriTech Catalyst Program.

We will keep you uopdated on the progress of this project and look forward to field trials and laboratory tests starting during Autumn 2015.

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