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At StaffsEEN we see the world a little differently. We want to alleviate fuel poverty and provide sustainable energy production to meet the needs of the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

We believe in providing products that work with the environment to ensure that future generations can enjoy a sustainable heating source that promotes afforestation and beautification of our urban areas.

We produce, supply, process and deliver all in your local area.

We will provide employment, fuel, and warmth to residents in the Stoke-on-Trent area as our core objective for the business.

Simultaneously we will be working closely with academic institutions and industry to set new standards in optimizing our processes and setting new standards for grading wood fuels.

We aim to establish a yardstick for grading various mixtures of wood types to understand the quality and abundance of the wood types that are growing in the local area.

This will ensure we can correctly grade and distribute an honest product for an honest price.

We are committed to solving local problems, with local production and know-how.

Sustainable fuels

People grow a variety of trees across the country and currently this resource is being underexploited as a fuel within the nation. Trees require maintenance for a variety of reasons, whether it is due to storm damage, clearing power lines, or even to control the spread of a plant disease.

Wood has been used for centuries as fuel by humans and right up to the present day, for many people still wood is their fuel of choice.

The Stoke-on-Trent area has a long history of using wood as a fuel, before the coal, there was wood. Every year more people plant trees all requiring maintenance, trees die or are felled for safety reasons; much of this wood must be disposed of. We take this wood and turn it into our wood pellet fuel for a cheaper, more sustainable way of heating your premises.

We believe that sustainability is not just about the fuel you choose to heat your home with, but about maintaining connections with other local businesses and community interests to ensure that sustainable solutions to heating can be maintained and produced indefinitely.

Call us on 01782 821 955 if you have trees in need of maintenance and clearance. We can help you find the best people in our area to take care of any issues with trees and shrubs. We work with local Tree Surgeons making use of their timber and woodchips to manufacture sustainable biomass pellets and firewood here in Stoke-on-Trent.

We need to create and establish local sources of biomass feedstock. Call us if you have land available for growing. We are here to help you develop growing spaces, creating wildlife habitats and sustainable means of production.

The triple bottom line:

Local wood, for local pellets, at local prices.